N. 290 - Juin/Juillet 2022

William Forsythe, freer and more ‘classical’ than ever

The veteran American choreographer, now 72, is one of the most notable of our times – as much for the success of his ballets as for the originality of his choreographic thought – and has, since his ‘buen retiro’ to Vermont, continued to monitor his ballets around the world, and, more rarely, to embark on new creations or reworkings. Such was the context of the recent programme by English National Ballet which gave us the opportunity to take stock (for now) of this
extraordinary dance creator.

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William Forsythe, freer and
more ‘classical’ than ever
– English National Ballet

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Paris Opéra Ballet
the Royal Ballet, London
Lyon Opera Ballet
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Nazareth Panadero
Aterballetto Company
Ballet of Difference/Siegal
Compagnie Linga
Birmingham Royal Ballet
Aldes/Castello Co.
Rambert Company
Ballet of the Mikhailovsky Theatre,
St Petersburg

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Federico Bonelli - Northern Ballet Theatre

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